Why Volunteer at the ReStore?

articleThe ReStore exists to support Habitat Catawba Valley’s mission of providing decent, affordable housing to hardworking, low-income families. Profits generated from ReStore sales help to build new houses and provide critical repairs to older, owner-occupied houses in our community.

Even though at the ReStore our end result is retail sales, think of the ReStore as a Donation Center, focused on collecting donations from local families and individuals, corporations, businesses, civic groups, and manufacturers. These donations are processed: unloaded, cleaned, sorted, researched for value, and merchandised by staff and volunteers.

Our charge is to be good stewards!

Think “value center”, a delicate tightrope walk between “thrift” and “full retail”, where prices are balanced to attract shoppers and honor donors.

Valuation of donated items can be challenging. Many times we aren’t provided with retail or wholesale pricing, or the pieces are antique or collectible. We get a wide range of products, both new and gently used items such as furniture, home décor, glass and dishware, and yes, even construction materials. The internet is an important tool in researching price, with a world of shopping sites at a touch. We even shop other Restores to compare pricing in our general market area. In the end, pricing becomes best judgement based on and retail knowledge and collective experience.

Want to be part of our ReStore pricing team?

Click here to sign up online or stop in the store!

We’ll walk you through our process, show you how the Restore donations area works, pricing and tagging methods, along with some merchandising strategies. Then, turn you loose on incoming donations.

Other opportunities include

  • Merchandising and Customer Service
  • Pricing and Stocking
  • Warehouse Receiving and Loading
  • Fabric and BooksTesting, Repairs and Scrap
  • Cleaning

Volunteer Testimonials

testimonials photo"ReStore management puts a lot of reliance on its volunteers and allows them to act as little entrepreneurs on its behalf. It has provided me a way to employ the management skills acquired in business and apply them in a smaller way to help Habitat for Humanity's missions, not the least of which is the recycling of useful items at reasonable prices."

-Eleanor Herbert

"I volunteer because I know how important it is for people to have homes and feel a real connection and investment in their homes. As a former librarian, I naturally love working in books. The ReStore provides low-cost books to readers new and old and increases literacy. It recycles books, and that is good for the environment."

-Deborah Anderson

"My mom is a volunteer, and I like working with her and others as a team at the ReStore. It's fun to discover books you want to read that you would otherwise never know about, and I like keeping the book room well organized and neat for our customers."

-Eric Herbert